Opinion: Shea Serrano is the hero we don’t deserve

Shea Serrano is Batman

The FOH army is strong.

Now, you may ask yourself, “What’s the FOH Army?” If you have to ask, I’m sorry to say you’re missing out on one of the largest cultural movements revolutions in history.

Shea Serrano is the hero we don’t deserve.

Whether he is changing the game around book publishing or dunking on ignorant “followers,” the 6’3″ Serrano (hey, now that it’s in print, it has to be true, right?) proves that people gravitate towards a leader with a moral compass. 

In the latest edition of ‘How is Shea Saving the World?‘, Serrano has basically told the government (can you even call it that at this point..?) “F*ck you I’ll do it myself” (okay maybe that’s not a direct quote but I think you’ll get the point).

Earlier this month, Serrano tweeted to his loyal army that he was going to step in and take action. Using his massive platform, he offered to send cash to folks being weighed down by bills in this time of crisis.

As a self proclaimed member of the FOH army, I’ve seen tweet after tweet of Serrano delivering on this promise. As of Friday night, he has given out over $34,000 in just the last two weeks!

Friday night, after news broke about Taylor Swift giving away $3,000 to fans, Serrano chimed in with his trademark humor, joking, “Oh great now we gotta send someone $3001 just to be petty lol.”

Major props to Shea for stepping up and continuing to use his platform for the betterment of society. And please, for the sake of our sanity, stay petty.

By the way, if you can, you should go buy Shea’s latest self published PDF,  “WHERE DO YOU THINK WE ARE — Ten Illustrated Essays About Scrubs” out now!

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