Pew Research Center: 71 Percent Of Single Democrats Would Not Date Trump Supporters

During the COVID pandemic, it is great to see that Pew Research Center is polling on the issues that matter most to Americans such as would democrats date Trump voters. I am not sure we needed a poll to find out the results for this one, but in any event the Pew Research Center found it important enough to publish. And, I guess, so did we . . .

According to Pew, “Among Democrats and those who lean toward the Democratic Party who are single but looking for a relationship, about seven-in-ten (71%) say they probably or definitely would not consider being in a committed relationship with someone who voted for Donald Trump. In fact, 45% say they definitely would not consider seriously dating a Trump voter.

“Meanwhile, roughly half of single-and-looking Republicans and Republican leaners (47%) say they probably or definitely wouldn’t be in a relationship with someone who voted for Hillary Clinton, including 19% who say they definitely would not consider it. “

The Pew study also found, “Among Democratic daters, willingness to date someone on the other side of the partisan divide differs by race and education. (The sample size of Republican daters is too small to analyze differences between demographic subgroups.) Single-and-looking Democrats who identify as some race or ethnicity other than white are more likely than their white counterparts to say they would not consider getting into a relationship with a Trump voter (78% of nonwhites say this, compared with 63% of whites) or a Republican (51% vs. 34%).”

Read the full Pew Study Here.

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