Poll Reveals Majority of Americans DISAPPROVE of Trump on Coronavirus

A new poll released from ABC News/Ipsos reveals that a majority of respondents now disapprove of President Trumps handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The poll’s results show that 47% of respondents approve of Trump’s handling of the response, while 52% disapprove.

This represents a stark contrast from two weeks prior when the same poll showed that respondents approved of Trump’s handling of the situation, 55% to 43%.

The poll goes on to state that “virtually all Americans, 89%, report being somewhat or very concerned about being infected by the coronavirus, up from 79% two weeks ago.”

Likewise, almost all Americans, 91%, report their regular routine changing due to the outbreak – with 56% believing they don’t expect to resume their ‘regular’ routine until after July 1.

This poll is like to be of major concern to the president, who has obsessed over his TV ratings and poll numbers, even in the midst of this crisis.

As recently as Wednesday’s briefing, Trump bragged about being number 1 on Facebook (despite the fact that the numbers do not support this claim).

Previously, the president tweeted about the high ‘ratings’ during his coronavirus response briefings.

Taking such an extreme approval ratings hit during a crisis is extremely unusual in politics. This tweet from Twitter user Tea Pain sums up disparity in numbers between Trump and previous presidents:

The more news that comes out, the more people will realize how horribly the Trump administration has handled this disaster.

Whether ignoring warnings from experts, disbanding the U.S. pandemic response team, calling the Democrats’ fear of the coronavirus a hoax — we can go on forever – Trump failed America when we needed him most.

As the coronavirus unfortunately becomes more personal for hundreds of thousands of Americans, whether through lost jobs or lost loved ones, there will be no room to hide behind claims of ‘fake news’ or nasty nicknames.

The people need a leader in charge, and hopefully they can find one, fast.

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