Report: Unsafe Conditions at Newark Prison Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Man in prison

Twitter user and researcher Resist Programming reported this week that prisoners are experiencing dangerous conditions amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

A tweet by the account @Ajerm_235 stated Thursday that while most New Jersey prisons are releasing prisoners due to the outbreak, Kintock 3 in Newark is packed to “full capacity.” The user is one of the prisoners currently detained.

Prisoners at Kintock 3, a for-profit prison, fear for their lives. As a result of the state’s inaction, prisoners are currently “double bunked and only 2-3 feet apart” from one another. The incarcerated are fearful that they will get infected with the virus. If that happens, the consequences would be dire. According to the post, there is no 24-hour medical staff on site.

In an update Friday afternoon, @Ajerm_235 followed up, stating that no medical staff has been brought in.

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