Republican Efforts To Suppress Vote In Wisconsin Backfires As Outraged Voters Risk Their Lives To Elect Democrats

The Wisconsin primary results are IN. The Republican candidates are OUT! Voters have rejected Republican efforts to suppress their vote delivering huge upset wins for Democrats.

Not surprisingly, Joe Biden has won the primary for Democrats with Bernie Sanders withdrawing his candidacy. Today, Sanders endorsed Biden and urged voters to reject President Trump.

But the bigger news of the day is the completely unexpected upset win by the Democrat backed candidate for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The Republican-backed Judge Daniel Kelly, previously appointed by former Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, was the heavy favorite to win the seat over the Democrat-backed Judge Jill Karofsky. However, with 2,830 of 4,021 precincts reporting its voting totals, Judge Karofsky was projected the winner with 53.11 percent of the vote.

Judge Karofsky posted the following message on her twitter account thanking voters for the win but condemning Republican efforts to suppress the vote and forcing voters to risk their lives.

The image of Wisconsin voters lined up for hours in face masks risking their lives to vote has become an iconic and enduring image of dastardly voter suppression efforts by Republicans working in tandem with conservative judges.

Wisconsin’s Democrat Governor Tony Evers had sought to move the election to June or, in the alternative, permit voting by mail to eligible voters who had not yet submitted absentee ballots. However, both efforts were stifled by the the Republican legislature and Wisconsin’s Supreme Court as well as by a ruling from the United States Supreme Court essentially precluding mail-in votes and precluding moving the vote to a later date. Additionally, Wisconsin’s Republican Party and previous Republic Governor had shut down most voting locations resulting in huge lines at only a handful of voting locations that were permitted to remain open.

The upset victory for the Democrat-backed Judge Karofsky appears to have signaled something more profound. Voters will not be pawns in the political machinations of Republicans seeking to maintain power by intimidation and suppression, even if it means risking their lives. Voters appear to be disgusted by these Republican tactics and poised to vote them out of power if such tactics continue into November.

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