SHOCKING: Amazon Delivery Driver SPITS on We-Ho Man’s Package During Coronavirus Pandemic

Add this to the “I thought I’d seen it all file.’

On Thursday, Instagram user mplus.m posted a horrifying video.

The video shows an Amazon deliver driver allegedly spitting on the user’s package in West Hollywood, CA, while dropping it at their doorstep.

Ironically, it was all caught on Ring, which is owned by Amazon.

See the video for yourself below.

Yesterday, we posted a discussion from legal analysts who discussed how this kind of conduct, if proven, could constitute ‘terrorist threats’ in this climate.

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The customer posted an update on his Instagram story stating that he spoke with Amazon customer service. After sending the representative the video, the service rep ‘verbally gasped’ when she saw the driver allegedly spit on the package. The representative confirmed that the driver was not an Amazon employee, but hired from a third-party service. The driver has been reported.

Photo posted on social media allegedly shows large spit stain on item.


According to a source, Amazon has fired the driver in the video. Read more here.

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  1. En las redes sociales la gente gusgan sin saber la verdad de lo que pasa, en este caso el simplemente se corto el dedo y su reaccion sin pensarlo limpio la sangre con su propia saliva claro que fuen un error. No somos perfectors todo ser humano cometemos errores. El es incapas de aserle dano a nadie es un hombre de familia.

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