Singapore Coronavirus Cases Double in Past Few Days Despite High Heat

Over the past few days, Singapore has seen cases of the novel coronavirus double despite daily temperatures in the high 80s. Singapore now leads Southeast Asia in cases of COVID-19, currently reporting over 11,178. The spike in cases comes after a period in which the country believed to have the virus under control.

But wait! We thought the heat was some sort of miracle cure. Who needs testing? It’ll disappear. Just like a miracle, it will disappear.

The news comes amid comments made by President Trump during yesterday’s press briefing, in which he again insisted the coronavirus will be no match for summer weather. Back in February, the president told the country that the coronavirus might go away in April “with the heat.”

Since the president’s statements, the U.S. has reported more than 900,000 additional coronavirus cases along with 51,000 more deaths.

While we wish his obsession with warm weather was it for Trump’s medical advice, yesterday he insisted doctors test if people could “inject” disinfectant or ingest bleach to help rid themselves of coronavirus. He also pondered if there were ways to bring heat and UV light “inside the body” to destroy the virus.

No, that wasn’t a fever dream. That really happened.

Read more about Singapore’s struggle with the coronavirus in the New York Times.

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