Steven Bannon Believes COVID Deaths In US Will Exceed Total Predicted Deaths Of 60K By End Of April

Two weeks ago public health officials in the Trump Administration purported to have somewhat optimistic news (yes, this is what we have come to as a nation) that new models showed the total deaths caused by COVID would be approximately 60K, down from the 100k-200k previously predicted by earlier models. The decrease in predicted deaths, we were told, was a result of a flattening of the curve from social distancing measures.

However, the sharp declines in deaths that were predicted have not occurred. Sadly, we have seen just the opposite and yesterday we had one of the highest single death totals caused by COVID to date, with over 3,000 deaths in the day and with total deaths nearing 50k.

These numbers were not lost on Steven Bannon, former strategist to Trump.

During his War Room 2020 Podcast, Bannon predicted that there would be over 60k COVID deaths in the United States by the end of April.

Bannon compared the current state of COVID deaths to “preseason,” in that the worse is yet to come, and suggested that Dr. Birx needed to re-calibrate Trump’s thinking to prepare him that deaths will soon exceed the 60k total and we are JUST IN APRIL!

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