#StopAiringTrump Movement Trends on Twitter to End Disinformation

The hashtag #StopAiringTrump trended worldwide on Twitter Monday afternoon as President Trump began his daily COVID-19 address to the nation.

While many wish that the president would deliver facts and present a clear plan forward, Trump has instead used this airtime as an infomercial to promote his corporate buddies.

Perhaps most egregiously, Trump turned the microphone over to outspoken supporter and CEO of My Pillow, Michael Lindell. Lindell told viewers, “God gave us grace when Trump was elected to correct a nation that turned its back on God.” Soon after, he encouraged listeners to “read [their] bibles.”

For CNN, calling Lindell to speak was the straw that broke the camel’s back. They immediately cut away from the broadcast.

Viewers are now pleading with networks to stop airing these sideshows live to begin with. Many view these daily sessions as free airtime to spread propaganda and disinformation. With the U.S. rates of coronavirus now greater than any other country, people are demanding accurate information.

As writer Grant Stern noted on Twitter, there is only one way to end the madness: stop tuning in.

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