Taylor Rooks is a Sports Media Icon in the Making

Taylor Rooks is having a moment.

It’s not too much to say that by now the 27-year-old Rooks is a household name and if this is the first time you’re hearing of her, well then please point me to the rock you’ve been living under. For those “rock dwellers,” let me bring you up to speed. 

Over the past two years Rooks has successfully showcased her talents on the hit Bleacher Report digital series, “Take it There with Taylor Rooks.”

Rooks’ show is a compilation of unapologetic and introspective behind-the-scenes interviews with the sports superstars of today & tomorrow. In January, as reported by DEADLINE, “Take it There with Taylor Rooks” was renewed for season 2.

The decision appeared to be a no brainer as the season 1 totaled more than 20 million total video views! Even more impressive is that the same report states that 78% of her YouTube traffic alone has come from the advertiser crazed 35 and under demographic. 

Based on those numbers, it’s no wonder why Rooks is able to secure interviews with the most prestigious and sought after players across the sports landscape. 

Yesterday, Rooks once again secured her spot at the top of the sports media podium after interviewing the projected first overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft & Heisman Trophy Winner, Joe Burrow.

As described by Bleacher Report, the interview put Burrow on the spot to offer his opinion on the five greatest quarterbacks of all time, while also addressing the “sneaky-fast” label placed on him by other sports analysts. 

Joe Burrow may be going number 1 in the NFL Draft on Thursday night, but we’d take Taylor Rooks over any other sports journalist in the game right now! 

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