The COVID Crisis is Quickly Becoming a Meat Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has already taken tens of thousands of lives and has ravaged the U.S. economy. Now, new reporting shows that a crisis concerning our food supply is imminent, if not already upon us.

New data released by the CDC reports that over 4,900 works in meat processing plants across the U.S. have tested positive for COVID-19. They have so far identified at least 115 meat and poultry plants across the country with COVID-positive workers.

As a reminder, President Trump, who was hesitant to invoke the Defense Production Act to help produce needed medical supplies, recently issued an executive used the act to instruct meat processing plants to stay open.

The newly identified COVID cases raise questions about the safety of the nation’s meant and poultry supply, and have the potential to bring on further public health issues.

After the CDC released their report, a Sioux City Journal investigation revealed that “a total of 669 workers at Tyson Fresh Meats’ beef plant in Dakota City have tested positive for COVID-19.”

The federal government and operators of meat plants have remained awfully quiet about how COVID is impacting the industry.

With all the recent reporting, now may be a better time than ever to opt for meat alternatives.

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