The Last Dance: Losers & Winners from Episodes 3 & 4

After watching episodes 1 & 2 back on April 19, one thing became abundantly clear about The Last Dance: each Sunday night airing was going to be accompanied with perceived “Losers” & “Winners” from #BasketballTwitter. 

With that, below is this week’s roundup of “Losers” & “Winners” from episodes 3 & 4.

Loser: Craig Ehlo

Want to see a dead body? The biggest loser of last night’s broadcast was Cleveland’s very own, Craig Ehlo. Ehlo, had the impossible assignment of covering MJ on the play that would eventually be dubbed “The Shot.” Unfortunately, Ehlo lost 3 times last night.

Here’s a breakdown of each “L” Ehlo took: 

  • L #1: Ron Harper “Fuck This Bullshit”
    • Ron Harper, former teammate of Ehlo on this fateful evening, actually wanted to take on the assignment. After a back and forth with his coach, it was determined that (for whatever reason) Ehlo posed the stronger defensive matchup on MJ. Both MJ & Ron Harper disagree. 

  •  L #2: “The Shot”
    • Anytime you’re on the receiving end of a spectacular once-in-a-lifetime play that’s so special the media gives it its own name, you’re taking an “L.” Not only was Ehlo crushed by his own teammate & MJ within the same 60 second sequence, he then had to relive “The Shot” over…and over…and over again. Ouch.

  • L #3: MJ Trash Talk “Get the fuck out of here” 
    • MJ was one of the greatest trash talkers in the game. After he sank his shot, the entire stadium (as well as the broadcast), could hear MJ rubbing salt in Cleveland’s wounds by shouting, “Get the fuck out of here,” to Ehlo, Cleveland and the media members who bet against the Bulls. 

Winner: Phil Jackson

Phil’s had a rough go of it in recent years after flaming out as President of New York Knicks Basketball Operations as well as a public break-up with ex-girlfriend and co-owner of the LAL, Jeanie Buss.

That said, last night was the redemption tour Jackson’s been waiting for.

Not only was Phil able to produce results on the court but he was able to conduct business in a way that allowed GM Jerry Krause to feel like his fingerprints were being seen. Whether it was the implementation of the triangle offense or juggling the myriad of personalities on his roster, Jackson conducted his business in a way that proved successful both on and off the court. 

Loser: Doug Collins 

Doug Collins was a tragic casualty of last night’s broadcast.

Juxtaposed against Phil Jackson, Collin’s was unwilling to alter his coaching style to better align with GM, Jerry Krause’ vision. After a loss in the ECF at the hands of the “Bad Boy” Pistons, Collins was cast aside for Jackson. Collin’s then had to watch from his living room as the Bulls racked in title after title after title with a new HC.

Winner: Dennis Rodman

The biggest victory of the evening goes to the man, the myth, the legend — Dennis Rodman.

When Rodman was introduced last night it was 50/50 how the Twitter-sphere was going to react to his bombastic personality. However, it soon became clear that Rodman was going to be the biggest highlight of the evening.

Whether it was his tenacious defense and rebounding skills or his necessity for a mid-season vacation – ‘The Worm’ was in peak form and the current generation of athletes have been put on notice.

Make sure to catch episodes 5 & 6 next Sunday, May 4 on ESPN at 9pm EST.

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