Tom Brady is Being Applauded for Being Irresponsible

Tom Brady is being applauded for being irresponsible. No, seriously.

As most appropriately reported by ProFootballTalk.com, social distancing rules appear not to apply to the recently relocated 6xSuper Bowl winning Quarterback. 

Today, a “hilarious” story about Brady hit the internet via TMZ which went into detail about Brady accidentally wandering into a strangers house in Tampa Bay on April 7.

Brady, who recently moved to Tampa Bay after signing with the Buccaneers, thought he was walking into the house of his new offensive coordinator, Byron Leftwhich – but as it turns out – this wasn’t the case.  #TompaBrady erroneously walked into Byron’s neighbors house (is it strange to anyone else that Tom can read a playbook but struggles with google maps?).

PFT’s report goes on to point out another problem with this accidental trespass:

“Florida’s belated stay-at-home order became effective on April 3, four days before Brady failed to stay at home for reasons that definitely do not amount to essential purposes. For the same reason other NFL players have been called out for violating stay-at-home orders aimed at slowing the spread of a deadly virus, Brady should be called out, too.”

What makes this even more frustrating is that this report comes on the heels of a separate story about Brady violating the state’s stay-at-home policy earlier this week after being spotted and then kicked out of a local Tampa park. 

So you may be asking yourself, how did Brady respond to these egregious reports? If you answered, “#DadJokeTweet” you’d be correct. But hey…come on… it’s Tom Brady so let’s give him a pass.


Tom, you’ve made a career of leading by example. Now, more than ever, please put your best foot forward. By shrugging off these reports with a tone-deaf joke response you’re not only being irresponsible but you’re also telling your 1.1M followers that they too don’t have to listen to state & local officials. 

But hey – ‘Tom Terrific’ is a MAGA guy at heart – what else would you expect?

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