Trend Watch: Instagram Live Stream Crashing

Surprise and delight moments are few and far between at the moment.

As the desire for light-hearted content increases by the day, there is a void waiting to be filled by content creators and influential people everywhere. It’s no secret why Jeremy Cohen’s quarantine date went viral. The content served as a necessary escape from the melancholy reality of our current state. 

Now, as we continue to fall further into the ‘new norm’, other influential media ambassadors are coming to the rescue. This past weekend Steph Curry took to instagram and crashed an IG-Live Stream of fellow follower, @LongLiveZae_.

During the 54 second clip, Zach Dobson (@LongLiveZae_) was in utter disbelief that the 2x NBA MVP had crashed his stream.

You can hear the ecstatic Dobson exclaim, “WE GOING LIVE WITH CURRY RIGHT NOW..WE GOING LIVE!!”

Major props to Steph for making this fans night! Hopefully more of this type of social engagement begins to catch on from influencers across the media landscape. 

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