Trump Blows Cover as he Launches Tirade Against States

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since Trump announced his guidelines for ‘Opening Up America Again,’ yet he’s already blown his cover.

In our analysis yesterday, we speculated that Trump’s about-face to let states “call the shots” in regards to reopening was simply a thinly veiled ploy to pass the buck to governors.

Today, Trump proved that our theory was spot on.

In an unhinged morning tweet storm, the president singled out states and governors and encouraged civil unrest amid one of the worst pandemics in modern history.

Rather than encourage citizens to follow his own’s administration’s guidelines for the benefit of public health and safety, he riled them up in all-caps rants.

Mr. “I take no responsibility” strikes again.

It’s easy to see how this deflection becomes a core strategy for Trump’s 2020 election campaign – and he will surely play it from all angles.

Economy is down the tubes? It’s not me, it’s your governors who HATE FREEDOM!

There’s a second COVID-19 wave in your state? Your IRRESPONSIBLE governor should have been more careful!

Trump’s strategy is transparent, and now he’s shown us his cards. Now it’s up to us to call him on his bluff.

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