Trump commits voter fraud, hypocritically votes by mail-in ballot

President Donald Trump has proven himself to be a hypocrite once again. The President committed voter fraud by trying to register to vote in Florida despite living at the White House located in the nation’s capital, according to the Washington Post.

The President then re-submitted his application using his Mar-a-Lago private club as his residence on the application instead of the White House. But, Mar-a-Lago is a private club. It is not where someone can live.

Trump also voted using a mail-in-ballot in the Florida Republican Primary, despite his staunch efforts to delegitimize voting by mail. 

Why has Trump made a huge effort to eliminate voting by mail?

He wants to suppress the voice of the American people. The Republicans and Trump can’t win in 2020 if America goes out and votes. Trump himself has even admitted to it on live television. 

“The things they had in there were crazy,”  Trump said on Fox & Friends in March. “They had things, levels of voting that if you’d ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”

Trump says one thing and does the other. He says voter fraud is rampant when someone votes by mail, yet Trump goes out and votes by mail. Trump says that voter fraud is an issue across the country. But what does he do? He commits voter fraud himself by trying to vote in a state he doesn’t live in.

With just one quote from his Fox and Friends appearance contrasted with actual actions, Trump shows us he doesn’t have any respect for democracy and has once again cemented his position as a hypocrite unfit to run a country. 

Don’t let Trump suppress voters. Register to vote and vote Trump out of office in November. He is a threat to humanity, America, and democracy. 

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4 thoughts on “Trump commits voter fraud, hypocritically votes by mail-in ballot

  1. The Idiot in Chief is also the Toddler in Chief and the Liar in Chief…. isn’t voter fraud a felony?Why
    isn’t the President being charged by the authorities?

    1. His home is in Florida and he won’t be there to vote. Soooo the reason for the absentee ballot. I can’t believe I just tried to defend him. I will probably be struck by lightening.

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