Trump ‘Forgets’ Holding Rallies in February and March

Stupid or liar? Both? In Monday’s coronavirus briefing, Donald Trump seemed to “forget” holding six campaign rallies between February and March, as the coronavirus began its spread.

After Trump told reporters he took the coronavirus “very seriously” throughout February and March (side note: he didn’t), PBS NewsHour White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor reminded the president that he held rallies in February and March.

Donald Trump rally in the Bojangles Coliseum on Monday, March 2 in ...
President Donald J. Trump speaks to his supporters in the Bojangles Coliseum on Monday, March 2. By Clare Grant.

Trump responded, “I haven’t left the White House in months”

Alcindor followed up reminding Trump, “You held a rally in March.”

“Did I hold a rally?” Trump replied.

As a reminder, as the coronavirus spread, this was Trump’s schedule from February to March:

  • Feb. 1: Golf
  • Feb. 2: Golf
  • Feb. 10: Rally
  • Feb. 15: Golf + Fundraiser
  • Feb. 18: Fundraiser
  • Feb. 19: Rally + Fundraiser
  • Feb. 20: Rally
  • Feb. 21: Rally
  • Feb. 28: Rally
  • Mar. 2: Rally
  • Mar. 6: Fundraiser
  • Mar. 7: Golf
  • Mar. 8: Golf + Fundraiser
  • Mar. 9: Fundraiser

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