Trump ‘unlawful’ attempt to steal funds for Mexico border wall unsuccessful

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals found that the Trump administration’s attempt to use Pentagon funds to build the wall along the Mexican border was illegal, according to the Hill.

The court ruled 2-1 against Trump as the $2.5 billion Trump wanted to use to construct the wall are supposed to be used for military purposes. As such, the majority said “the transfer of funds here was unlawful.”

Constitutional scholar Robert Tsai agreed with the ruling as well.

“The Ninth Circuit read federal law closely and found that the shift of funds was not for a military purpose and that the needs he cited were not unforeseen — in other words, that the president has fabricated an emergency to complete his pet project,” said Tsai via the Hill.

If completed, Trump’s wall is expected to cost at least $11 billion, per NPR, and will cost $20 million per mile of wall. In comparison, former Republican President George W. Bush’s wall cost American taxpayers only $4 million per mile.

President Trump is surely doing whatever he can to complete the project to rile up his ever-decreasing voter base. It is really Trump’s last shot so that he can point to something that he promised in 2016 and then accomplished. But the wall itself is not much of an accomplishment. It is a waste of money.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s words after the court decision, per the Star Tribune, say everything you need to know about the Trump presidency.

“While the Trump Administration steals public funds to build an unauthorized wall at the Southern Border, families across the country are struggling to pay their bills.”

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