Trump’s Death Cult Marches On As U.S. Approaches 40,000 Coronavirus Deaths

Protestors Flood Streets to Rally Against Stay At Home Orders

Trump’s death cult is at it again.

The brainwashed MAGATs have heeded their Dear Leader’s call-to-arms and taken to the streets throughout the country.

In Texas, hundreds protestors gathered, disregarding guidelines to practice social distancing or wear face masks – InfoWars.com shirts aplenty. Chants of “Fire Fauci!,” referring the nation’s top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, rang through the city streets.

Because as the worst pandemic in modern history rages on, the person you definitely want to fire is the expert who has dedicated his life to this cause.

In Waukesha County, Wisconsin, several hundred lined the streets decrying the “socialism” of stay-at-home orders.

We sure hope they don’t accept their socialist $1,200 checks from Uncle Sam!

The covidiocy didn’t end there. Protests stretched across the country, from California to Nevada to New Jersey.

Perhaps no protestor epitomized the group’s lack of self-awareness more than this individual, who donned full head-to-toe protective gear while holding a sign reading “COVID-19 IS A LIE.”

Protests aren’t the only way people are abandoning collective efforts to fight COVID-19. In Florida, being a covidiot is state-sponsored. Governor Ron DeSantis re-opened beaches in Jacksonville as his state reached over 25,000 cases of the virus.

Republican governors are waving the white flag. The President has now abandoned all responsibility and is actively encouraging mass civil unrest.

But at what cost?

Infecting your own supporters with a deadly disease to “own the Libs” doesn’t seem like a winning strategy, but here we are.