U.S. Reports Most Single Day COVID Deaths As States Open

The U.S. reported 2,909 coronavirus deaths in the span of just 24-hours, marking the highest single-day death toll from the virus reported thus far. The data, which reflects deaths that occurred on May 1, is the highest number since April 23, when 2,471 coronavirus deaths were reported.

This horrifying information comes as protests to “reopen the economy” spread throughout the country, with some states already caving to protesters demands. Several states, including Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas, have already retracted closures for non-essential businesses.

A photo captured in a Georgia nail salon showing a manicurist covered head-to-toe in plastic displays the frightening reality as workers risk their lives as they’re forced to make the decision to work or lose their jobs.

As a reminder, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, known as one of the most devastating attacks in U.S. history, killed 2,996 people. So yes, at this point, we’re experience death on the scale of 9/11 every single day.

According to Worldometer, the new data brings total U.S. coronavirus deaths up to 67,444, with over 1,160,774 cases.

Yesterday, President Trump revised his estimate for the total number of coronavirus deaths upwards to 100,000, the second time in a week that he has altered his projections.

However, at this rate with the nation’s failure to test, and with the president and some Republican governors abandoning a safe, phased reopening, we’ll be lucky to fall below this staggeringly high figure.

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