What To Stream and Binge While in Quarantine

Last night my boss asked – nay – demanded that we put together our “Top 10” list of streamable content for our readers to binge during this quarantine. What my boss forgot to take into account is that I’m a certified “millennial” and my attention span (like yours) couldn’t sustain a “Top 10” list.

So with that, here is our “Top 7” list of must-watch content to keep you in the loop while you’re Zooming with your co-workers this week. 

The Meidas Top 7


From the mind that brought you hits such as ‘Brain’ & ‘Save Dat Money’ – Little Dickey is back with a vengeance with an absolute banger. This 30-minute episodic documentary show revolves around a neurotic mid 20’s suburbanite convinced he’s destined to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. Now he’s got to prove it to everyone else. New episodes of ‘DAVE’ can be streamed on Hulu or FX every Wednesday night at 10pm EST.

Summer House

Why don’t Bravo shows ever make it on these lists? Well they do now. Shout-out Carl Radke for keeping us particularly entertained this season. For years this group of friends has spent their weekends from Memorial Day through Labor Day in one of the most exclusive beach areas on the East Coast. These professionals may keep it together during the week, but as soon as they hit the beach on the weekend, they let loose in a big way that is exclusive to this high-end lifestyle. New episodes of Summer House are still airing on Bravo each Wednesday at 9pm EST.

Ozark (S3)

Yes, we linked to the show’s Wikipedia page but that’s to save anyone who hasn’t watched yet from the myriad of spoilers across the internet…you’re welcome. Stream Ozark S3 today on Netflix! 

Tiger King

If you still haven’t watched this bat-sh*t documentary of the self proclaimed “Tiger King” I have one question. Do you even quarantine? It’s impossible to go through an entire day without hearing or reading about Joe Exotic. Hell, we literally wrote a piece about the similarities of this sociopath and 45 less than 24 hours ago. We can’t get enough of this lunatic and neither will you.  

Bored in The House

As mentioned earlier, I’m a certified “millennial,” so watching too many proper TV shows, movies and documentaries starts to feel like work. If you want a catchy tune stuck in your head all week, look no further than Curtis Roach’s “Bored In The House” TikTok

Bert Kreischer – Hey Big Boy

The Machine is back with another one hour stand-up special on Netflix. During the 62-minute bit, Bert riffs on parenting, family life, being a gun and pet owner and more.

Shahs of Sunset 

No, seriously, we’re here to give shine to all the Bravo shows that get looked over. Reza Farahan is back and better than ever this season. It’s unsure how Reza & MJ’s beef will end but we’re tuning in to Bravo next Friday at 9pm EST to find out!

What are you watching to get by in this new isolated world? Let us know in the comments below!

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