You Can’t Gaslight a Virus, Donald.

Obamagate! Voter fraud! Michael Flynn! These are just some of the inane distractions coming from our stable genius of a president in an attempt to deflect from a failure so catastrophic, that over 80,000 Americans are now dead.

Donald Trump has never been one to put in the work. Throughout his life, he’s cared about one thing and one thing only: branding. Now, America is paying the price for his arrogance.

Trump is most comfortable when he is able to craft his own realities without regard to the truth. Yet now he is learning the limits of his showmanship.

With over 1.3M coronavirus cases and 80K+ deaths, Trump still believes this is a war of messaging. Not one of confronting the virus with testing, science and leadership. Messaging.

You can’t gaslight a virus, Donald.

As millions of Americans see their lives upended by the president’s incompetent response, his attempts to change the subject only make him look weaker and even more unfit for the job. Every tweet is an indictment on his own ineptitude – especially as the virus begins to run rampant through his own White House.

This is one crisis he cannot tweet his way out of.

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